I am Gauche, the founder of “Sweet Debauchery.” I’m originally from Miami, FL where I practiced law for a few years before relocating to Los Angeles, CA over seven years ago.  Today, I am a speaker, educator, and consultant.  I am also the mother of an active toddler. My interests are social justice, education, parenting, fashion, makeup, natural hair, and good food.  This site is reflective of my interests and personality which I describe as gauche, from the french word meaning crude, awkward, and lacking social grace.  Although overall, I am far from tactless or unsophisticated, at times I may behave in a manner that others may misinterpret as a bit “out of control.”  This is the essence of Sweet Debauchery.  Sweet Debauchery is all about having fun, being straightforwardly honest, and feeling unrestricted.  I advocate female empowerment and reject social norms that call for women to adhere to restrictive codes of behavior.  I want everyone who visits this site to feel valued and appreciated.  At the moment, the site is still under construction.  However, if you have any questions or any thing you want to share, please feel free to contact me using the form below.

Be well!


Sweet Debauchery


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